OMG, it's a Twitter buffer!

Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release.

@GradyBritton designed Twuffer for anyone who has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets.

We bet that you'll invent creative uses for Twuffer. Here are a few off the top of our heads:

  • tweet pre-written announcements
  • appointment/milestone reminders
  • run a time-based scavenger hunt
  • notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes
  • appear to never sleep

Recently twuffered...
SpectrumLeisure said "Longer opening hours=more for your membership; Mon 6am-10pm Tues 7am-10pm Weds 6am-10pm Thurs 7am-10pm Fri 6am-8pm Sat 9am-5pm Sun 9am-5pm"